August 6, 2018

Tandem 23 BBQ’s Windmill Brewing Debut


What an exciting day….August 4!  Tandem 23 BBQ’s first appearance at Windmill Brewing was a total success!  The heat was on, not only with the food, but the scorching 100º beating down sun made the day a complete blaze!

Tandem 23 served up our famous BBQ Nachos, and this year we added Zesty Smoked Wings to the menu.  The comments and ravings, both in person and on facebook, told us that the crowd enjoyed them.

Dan worked really hard on the new BBQ trailer this week and with the help of family and friends, we are now rolling.  The plans are to serve at the brewery a few times a month while the weather permits.

Look for us on facebook @tandem23bbq for our next day!  And let’s pray for a bit cooler temps!

Windmill Brewing rolled out El Gato Lima, a Mexico-inspired lager with limes to pair with the Tandem 23 Wings!




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