Our Story

Dan and Tammy, bbq experts!  That is NOT how we started.  In the end of 2014, we reconnected after both going through very difficult times in our lives.  We brought together and joined 2 families which have been loads of fun and sometimes…loads of chaos!  One thing we determined is that together and with the help of our amazing God, we can do anything, and we make a great team!

When we met, I quickly realized that Dan had an amazing skill for the grill (and I’m an amazing poet, lol) and he really enjoys grilling for our family.  Through a lot of different experiences, we have come to find some of our favorites and love making them together, with the kids.  That’s how Tandem 23 came to be.  Oh yeah, the 23…well Dan’s birthday is January 23, Tammy’s birthday is October 23, we were engaged on May 23, and our favorite Bible verse that has led us in many ways…Psalm 23!